I really am excited about XenClient and the direction Citrix is going, however I seem to get burned on whatever laptop I have.  I had an NVidia chip for the first release which they didn’t support.  I ended up getting an Elitebook 8460p with a Radeon HD 6470M video card and it worked.  However, XenClient wasn’t that great.  Fast forward to today and I’m trying out XenClient Enterprise, formerly known as Virtual Computing.  And guess what?  The video card doesn’t seem to be supported.  Not sure why, it was one of the few that worked with XenClient 2.1 but my only hope is they include it in the future.  This is for WIndows 8, I haven’t tried Win7 yet but I will (but why use Win7 when you’ve tasted 8 unless you’re still clinging to XP?)