I didn't realize that nginx-plus doesn't give the rpm system a provides nginx.  This means if your program is configured to only require nginx, it may complain and say it's not there.

This is a pretty easy fix though, you simply need to download the rpm, modify and install it locally.

yumdownloader nginx-plus
rpmrebuild -enp nginx-plus-*.rpm

This should open the SPEC file for editing, you'll see lines showing provides and requires. At the top of the provides simply add Provides: nginx using spaces

Conflicts:     nginx
Obsoletes:     nginx
Obsoletes:     nginx-plus-debug
Provides:      nginx
Provides:      config(nginx-plus) = 20-1.el7.ngx
Provides:      nginx-plus = 20-1.el7.ngx
Provides:      nginx-plus(x86-64) = 20-1.el7.ngx
Provides:      nginx-plus-r20
Provides:      webserver

Substitute the correct version above and below

rpm -Uvh ./rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/nginx-plus-*.rpm

And that's it, you have nginx-plus providing nginx as needed.