I hadn’t really thought much about it but on a deployment realized there must be a better way!  For those of you who work with PVS and update/test the versioning feature in PVS 6.+, you know that you must be on the console and press 1 + Enter at some boot menu to get maintenance target devices to boot from the maintenance image.  I have no idea why you would assign a maintenance image to a maintenance target device and not want it to boot from that but I’m sure there is a reason.  In any case, it always seemed odd you need to console in to do that.

I decided to look for a better way and this may be old news to some of you.

Brian Cahill in the Citrix Forums informs of a way to set a registry key to skip the menu.  Restart the stream service once you make the change and you should be good to go!


You can set the following registry key on all the PVS servers.
HKLM\Software\Citrix\ProvisioningServices\SkipBootMenu DWORD

Value Behavior
0 or not defined Normal behavior
1 Don’t send a boot menu to device. Automatically pick the first item that would been on menu and act as if it was the only version assigned.