Citrix Netscaler VPX (or Citrix ADC VPX) has an ESXi and KVM distribution but there isn’t one for oVirt or RHEV/RHV (Red Hat Virtualization).

Nutanix, which uses AHV and is similar, has the following post to get Netscaler to work.

The key for oVirt/RHV is the image import and the serial port enablement.  Following the steps below, you should have a working ADC/Netscaler VPX 12.x

  • Download the KVM image from the Citrix Download site- You’ll need a trial license or a valid account with Citrix for the bits
  • untar the tgz image and find the .qcow2 image -
  • Upload this as an image into RHV
    - ![](
  • Create a VM with 2 vCPU, a nic and attach the image you uploaded as IDE (not VirtIO)
    - ![](
  • IMPORTANT: select the option to add a virtual serial console to the VM
    - ![](
  • Booting may take a little bit as it tried to load the loader.conf but it should succeed.