Baby John

John Henry Gamull was born on 11/13/12 and unfortunately has been hospitalized with severe pneumonia on 12/4/12, he was rushed by ambulance to one hospital and then life flighted to egleston in Atlanta, GA.  For updates check my twitter feed, my blog will be dormant most likely for a while.

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  1. Hi there, I am a random passerby who came across your blog when I googled “ECMO”. I just went through your twitter feed and see that little John is doing better. Praise be to God. My daughter was born with a condition called PPHN in Nov 2011, and was on ECMO for 5 days. We were at the NICU for 35 days and came home with a feeding tube. By the grace of God, she is doing well and is a happy 13 month toddler running around. I hope you can take John home soon. How is the ECMO wound doing? I saw u had a pic of that. My daughters ecmo wound didn’t heal even after we came home. Finally it turned out that there was a stitch remaining inside that the body was trying to get rid of, and had to be surgically removed. I know your family has been through so much in the past few days. If you or our wife ever feel like talking to someone “who gets it”, feel free to email me at keyagal(at)

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